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IntentHandler called with empty parameter

I’m new to iOS development, and I’m trying to add support for Siri Shortcuts to my app with the purpose of allowing Siri to suggest a common user actions in the various "Siri Suggestions" widgets throughout iOS 14. Using Apple’s documentation and various other sources I managed to reach the point where I’m creating the […]

By Marco
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How can I make Siri redirect routing requests into my navigation app?

The iOS app I’m working on is correctly configured as a routing app according to documentation. It is displayed in the Apple Maps’ Routing Apps section and receives MKDirectionsRequest in its application:openURL:options: when a user asks the Maps app for directions and chooses my app. I want the user to be able to ask Siri […]

By Denis Fileev
Categorised as ios, map-directions, routes, siri

Internationalisation issue with Sirikit Custom Intents & iOS 13.4.1

I implemented two Custom Intents with Sirikit in my iOS app. When I was developing them I had iOS 13.3 installed in my iphone and one of my intents has a Siri Dialog prompt asking for the value of one parameter. All the app is translated to english and spanish and the custom intent worked […]

By Diego Navarro
Categorised as ios, iphone, siri, sirikit, swift

Unable to read disambiguation result in INAddTasksIntent

In my app, users can add tasks to lists via Sirikit (example Siri intent query: “In MyApp add to expense list 100 dollars for jeans”). if the list suggested is not available in the app, I ask for disambiguation. the result from multiple choice in disambiguation is not captured in resolveTargetTaskList. intent.targetTaskList?.title is the value […]

By rajeswari ratala
Categorised as ios, siri, sirikit, swift

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