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Does creating an INImage from a URL work?

I would like to use INImage.init(url:) for displaying a user profile image in a notification. This initializer is documented with: A URL that specifies an image file on a remote server. The image file can be in any format supported by the system, but it is recommended that you use PNG images. However, as far […]

By Wil Gieseler
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How to send notification from iOS App to Apple Carplay

I want when my iOS App receives Notification, it’s will display on Carplay too. But Apple Document about this topic so simple, have no idea how to implement Anyone can help? Source: Ios Questions

By Jack Huynh
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Internationalisation issue with Sirikit Custom Intents & iOS 13.4.1

I implemented two Custom Intents with Sirikit in my iOS app. When I was developing them I had iOS 13.3 installed in my iphone and one of my intents has a Siri Dialog prompt asking for the value of one parameter. All the app is translated to english and spanish and the custom intent worked […]

By Diego Navarro
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Siri INPlayMediaIntent not working in anything other than english

I have a program that handles INPlayMediaIntent in an extension. This works fine as long as you are using Siri in english. Switching to another language makes Siri consider the query as a web search. To reproduce, please check out my demo from github and have a look at the Siri-Localized-MediaIntents-Broken folder. Then: Switch Siri […]

By DrMickeyLauer
Categorised as ios, localization, sirikit, sirishortcuts

Specify "Ask Each Time" as default for a parameter in Siri intent

When displaying an instance of INUIAddVoiceShortcutViewController, I want to let one of the shortcut’s intent’s parameters (of type Decimal) default to Ask Each Time. Right now, it defaults to the Default Value value in the .intentdefinition file. (This field resets to 0 if left blank.) Is there any way to define an intent such that […]

By Naftali Beder
Categorised as ios, sirikit, sirishortcuts

TouchID authentication inside Siri Intent Extension

I have an Intent Extension with the View category that is working pretty good for showing an app info. Now I need to enable TouchID for security reasons, so the user needs to authenticate before requesting the info. I tried this: func handle(intent: GetSaldoIntent, completion: @escaping (GetSaldoIntentResponse) -> Void) { let myContext = LAContext() myContext.evaluatePolicy( […]

By alxlives
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How can I tell if my intent is running in the Shortcuts app?

In my app I have created a SiriKit intent that allows the user to search for people. If they trigger this intent directly from Siri then I would like to open my app with this search string and show the results – I can do this by passing .continueInApp and an NSUserActivity to the completion […]

By Paulw11
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Sirikit integration with Flutter

I need to provide SiriKit feature to my Flutter application. It is not very clear for me if it is possible or not. For my point of view, it is not possible because Flutter does not support Bitcode generation. In parallele I can see that bit code support is planned or some people have done […]

By fvisticot
Categorised as flutter, ios, sirikit

Siri Intent extension not working in existing App

I have integrated Intent Extension for Siri Kit in existing iOS Application. Siri directly opens my Application instead of showing the information which I wanted to show on Siri screen only. I have referred many sample projects it works fine on that but working when I integrate into my existing App. Good article will help! […]

By Nikhil Nandha
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Unable to read disambiguation result in INAddTasksIntent

In my app, users can add tasks to lists via Sirikit (example Siri intent query: “In MyApp add to expense list 100 dollars for jeans”). if the list suggested is not available in the app, I ask for disambiguation. the result from multiple choice in disambiguation is not captured in resolveTargetTaskList. intent.targetTaskList?.title is the value […]

By rajeswari ratala
Categorised as ios, siri, sirikit, swift

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