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Explore the latest questions and answers asked by our top developers. client automatically disconnecting in long Node.js function

I am using to communicate the swift client of my app with the server. Essentially, the client joins a socket connection upon opening the app and a job is instantly added to a Redis queue (it’s a job that takes anywhere from a few seconds to like 15ish seconds). There’s a response from the […]

By nickcoding2
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Websockets vs. iOS Push Notifications

Take an iOS app like Instagram. Instagram is fundementally a real-time application that updates its UI whenever a user interacts with you. For example, if someone likes your post and you are using the app, the UI is updated to trigger dopamine release and inform you that something has hapened to one of your posts. […]

Get Response from Socket in Swift

I am trying to integrate Socket in my app for real-time chat. Backend is done on node.js and frontend is developed on React and both are working fine. I am having issue adding socket in my Swift Project. In my aaHandlers() function below, I expect to get a JSON response with detail of 4 users. […]

By mutAnT
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Socket is not connected in iOS Swift?

I tried to connect the server using a socket but it refuses to connect. Here I am trying to send the query parameter(token) with the base URL to connect the server. But still, it’s not connecting. Here is console output error: manager <SocketIO.SocketManager: 0x283542f00> 2020-01-23 17:59:12.872248+0530 A8FlowSampleApp[34442:7736351] LOG SocketIOClient{/}: Handling event: statusChange with data: [connecting, […]

By Parameswaran V
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