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Swift: preferredStatusBarStyle() not called using SSASideMenu

I know there are many questions related to this but I have tried almost everything. I am using SSASidemenu and preferredStatusBarStyle() is calling every time while moving from one ViewController to another and I am able to set the color only once. But I need to show both light and dark status bar in different […]

By iOS Developer
Categorised as ios, side-menu, statusbar, swift

preferredStatusBarStyle not getting called in iOS 13 and other

I have multiple UITabBar in my application and some ViewController has White color statusbar and some ViewController has black color statusbar. My info.plist View controller-based status bar appearance to YES My Viewcontroller has below code. override var preferredStatusBarStyle: UIStatusBarStyle { return .default //or return . lightContent } but preferredStatusBarStyle never getting called. i have also […]

By Kuldeep
Categorised as ios, ios13, statusbar, swift

Application Status Bar not working properly

As you can see in this video In starting only signals and battery percentage is visible with no time. But when I move next controller it only shows the time. Before showing the Time it shows a red layer of touch return to AppName`. I am using Swifty Cam library for Image and video recording […]

By Sham Dass
Categorised as camera, ios, statusbar, swift, swiftycam

Status Bar getting hidden suddenly when changing the root view controller in iOS swift 4.2

when I set one login viewController as initial screen from AppDelegate class, it loads the same with status bar. But issue comes when I display the same from inner screen (when user selects a Log out option). I have set the View controller-based status bar appearance with value as NO. Thanks in advance. Source: Ios

By Karan Alangat
Categorised as ios, statusbar, swift, uistatusbar, uiviewcontroller

Change status bar background color in iOS13

With iOS13 I cannot change the background color of the statusbar anymore because the statusbar is no longer accessible using “value for key”. Did anybody figure out how this is possible or is there any knowledge that it will be possible in the final version of iOS13? I came across different proposals already like using […]

By Nij
Categorised as ios, ios13, statusbar

Unable to make SFSafariViewController statusbar style lightContent

I have a requirement of light content in status bar with black background, however some of the screen needs black status bar content with white background, hence I’ve kept View controller-based status bar appearance to YES in info.plist to adopt status bar style based on view controllers requirement. My problem is whenever I present SFSafariViewController […]

By Dhaval H Nena
Categorised as ios, ios12, sfsafariviewcontroller, statusbar, swift

iOS7 Status Bar like the native weather app

Does anyone know how can I reproduce a similar effect from the native iOS7 weather app? Basically, the status bar inherits the view’s background underneath, but the content doesn’t show up. Also, a 1 pixel line is drawn after the 20 pixels height of the status bar, only if some content is underlayed. Source: Ios7 […]

By DZenBot
Categorised as ios, ios7, iphone, objective-c, statusbar Tagged , , , ,

iOS 7 status bar back to iOS 6 default style in iPhone app?

In iOS 7 the UIStatusBar has been designed in a way that it merges with the view like this: (GUI designed by Tina Tavčar) It is cool, but it will somewhat mess up your view when you have something at the top part of your view, and it becomes overlapped with the status bar. Is […]

By - Archy Will He
Categorised as ios, ios7, objective-c, statusbar

How to change Status Bar text color in iOS

My application has a dark background, but in iOS 7 the status bar became transparent. So I can’t see anything there, only the green battery indicator in the corner. How can I change the status bar text color to white like it is on the home screen? Source: Ios7 Questions

By Oleksandr Veremchuk
Categorised as ios, ios7, statusbar, swift, uistatusbar Tagged , , , ,

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