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Integrate Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick in ios

I want to connect the Sandisk Connect Wireless stick in ios app via Bluetooth or wifi and fetch all files from that storage device in my ios app. As I have done much research regarding this, but I am unable to find any single code for connecting a wireless storage device in my ios app. […]

By Ravi B
Categorised as bluetooth, ios, storage, wireless

Facebook mbasic site, mobile safari, home screen shortcuts and local storage

I have a question about the page and how they manage to do what they do on iPhone with iOS 12.3.1. This is not about the facebook app. I don’t have it installed at all. I went to in mobile safari on iOS and created a shortcut for it on my homescreen. When […]

By neuhaus
Categorised as facebook, html, ios, safari, storage

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