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Do I have to verify the receipt for every SKPaymentTransaction for subscriptions?

I am implementing auto-renewable subscriptions in my iOS app. My transaction handling looks something like this pseudocode: func paymentQueue(_queue: SKPaymentQueue, updatedTransactions transactions:[SKPaymentTransaction]) { for (t in transactions) { let data = Data(contentsOf: getReceiptUrl()) if verifyReceiptWithServer(data) == .success { print("Verified receipt successfully!") } queue.finishTransaction(t) } } If a subscription renews more than once while my app […]

Handling revoking In-App purchase with iOS 14

I added the new revocation API provided with iOS 14 but i’m still confused about some aspect of it. I tested revoking my subscription using StoreKit Framework and I do enter in the didRevokeEntitlementsForProductIdentifiers callback. But I’m wondering if this will cover all the cases where apple actually revoke access to a user because the […]

By Jaythaking
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SKPaymentTransaction’s stuck in queue after finishTransaction called

We’ve got an app that’s been rejected by apple a few times for being unable to complete an auto renewing IAP purchase, and being unable to restore if attempted. We’ve finally narrow down the errors by adding some extra logging, and noticed Payment added for transaction already in the SKPaymentQueue: … in the logs. While […]

By Andrew Carter
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, skpaymenttransaction, storekit

Handling refund notifications for consumable in-app-purchases

According to Apple documentation, to identify the transaction, productId and relevant dates, we should "Find the most-recent transaction for the product_id in the unified_receipt.latest_receipt_info". My question is how do I find out the product_id? My app has multiple consumable in-app-purchases. One option I was exploring was to [locally receipt validate]2 the receipt blob in the […]

By Nikunj Banka
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, receipt-validation, storekit

Swift IOS 13, IAP – "Cannot connect to Itunes Connect"

I am using IOS 13.5 and am running into some problems when implementing IAP. I used this same exact code when i built a previous app and the payment works fine when i test run the previous app on the same physical device as i do now. I have checked internet connection which is fine, […]

By olle
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, storekit, swift, xcode

Issue with restore purchase for auto-renewable subscription

I followed this tutorial to add auto-renewable subscription for my app. My app has been released on the app store but I have a very strange problem, which is if a user taps restore purchase button it will unlock the feature without purchasing!. I have worked with IAPs and never this happened before! Here is […]

By Mc Lover
Categorised as ios, storekit, swift

Having issue with in-app purchases promotions on the app store

I have submitted an in-App purchase item for app store promotion, everything approved and fine, But there is a yellow box with this warning: These in-app purchases can’t be promoted on the App Store because your latest approved binary doesn’t include the SKPaymentTransactionObserver method. I am sure I have added SKPaymentTransactionObserver method in my code, […]

By Mc Lover
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, storekit, swift

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