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UIKit – How to prevent default blur and focus background of UITextField?

As you can see in the image, the UITextField (only on tvOS?) by default has these behaviors: A translucent overlay (make the background and the white text grey in the second button) A white background and bigger size when it’s focused (the first button) How do I remove/change these behaviors? What did I do? I […]

By Tr1et
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How to detect volume button press on tvOS remote

Im trying to find a way to observe the player so that I can detect when a user increases or decreases the volume on the Apple TV. I have managed to get this to work for iOS by using: var audioSession: AVAudioSession? audioSession?.addObserver(self, forKeyPath: "outputVolume", options: [.new], context: &videoPlayerViewControllerKVOContext) if keyPath == "outputVolume" { guard […]

By kaddie
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How to get "controller support" and "number of player" badges for a macOS game in the App Store

Consider "The Last Campfire" (awesome game BTW): Notice the "Controller / Supported" and "Players / 1 Single" badges. Game Controller Capability To get the controller’s badge in iOS and tvOS, I know we should add the "Game Controllers capability" under "Signing & Capabilities" as described here. However there’s no such capability in a macOS target. […]

By backslash-f
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tvOS: Unable to scroll through UICollectionView items when it is implemented like this: UICollectionView inside UITableView

I have implemented this: By following this tutorial. Here’s the problem: I am unable to scroll through the collection items. I think this has something to do with the fact that the project I followed is for iOS and my project is for tvOS. I’ve found a somewhat similar question. An answer linked to this […]

By Ahmed Ghrib
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SWIFT: How to fix cell highlighter and make the whole collection view scroll instead of the highlighter?

I am building a TVOS app where I have this collectionView: The current cell (The cell which has scrolled to), gets highlighted in Orange. For example, here the user scrolls to the third cell: WHAT I AM TRYING TO ACHIEVE: When the user scrolls to another cell, I want the Orange square, to remain in […]

By Ahmed Ghrib
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TVOS – App Icon must have at least 2 layers with applicable content issue

I am trying to archive my TVOS app, but I keep getting the following error: The image stack "App Icon" must have at least 2 layers with applicable content. Although it has 2 layers, none have applicable content. This makes no sense because I have everything that the documentation asks for. I have two layers, […]

By LukeVenter
Categorised as ios, tvos, xcode

Apple In-App Purchase and Receipt Refresh

I have a side project and I recently worked on my receipt manager to make it stronger and to relies more on the receipt of the app rather than persistently storing a value after a transaction. However, there are 2 main points which although I read Apple docs and other answers on the web, I’m […]

By Matteo Gobbi
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, receipt-validation, tvos

Not able to connect to apple tv !! "Making apple tv ready for development" dialog shown

I’m trying to connect apple tv with my xcode to debug my app. But I’m getting below dialog and it will never go. So I tried following steps to fix but no use. Waited for 10 mins and checked but still the same. I restarted/reset apple tv and checked but no use. Tried with different […]

By Nithin Mangolu
Categorised as apple-tv, ios, tvos, xcode

How can I prevent accessibility voiceover from reading out the selected cell position in a collection view?

I would like the disable the behavior where the accessibility voiceover reads out the cell’s position in a collection view (I’m developing for tvOS, but its probably the same behavior in iOS) e.g. When the first cell is selected/focused (from a total of 3 items), voice over is reading “one of three”. The accessibility mode […]

By crvo84
Categorised as ios, tvos, uiaccessibility, uicollectionview, voiceover

My react native encountered a problem while building tvOS but iOS succeeded

I followed the link below to install new reactNative App .. After Successfully Installed I am able to run the iOS target but not tvOS while running tvOS I am getting below error .. Library not found for -lPods-AwesomeProject-tvOS It seems in podfile cocoapods not included for tvos target .. So I added cocoaPods […]

By tp2376
Categorised as cocoapods, ios, react-native, reactjs, tvos
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