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collectionview global header does not push cells down and stays on top instead

I have a collection view header (blue) and cells (red). I want to be able to show/hide header programmatically, however when I show the header programatically it appears on top of the cell (or makes scrollview go down a bit). I would like the header to push the whole scrollview down, so I wouldn’t have […]

UICollectionView for non-grid or semi-grid layout

I am trying to implement a multi-row sequence of items (like Video editing sequence in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere pro shown below). While I one can always implement it using UIScrollView and placing custom views manually, it would be tedious particularly in reordering items and animating changes and also zooming across the timeline […]

How to create a grid layout with equal row heights using UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout

I’ve successfully been able to create a grid layout using UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout. However, I am unable to find a clever way of ensuring the UICollectionViewCell in each row in the grid are of the same height when their heights are dynamic. i.e. I want the cell to stretch to fill the available space height-wise in the […]

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