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Why local notification is not firing for UNCalendarNotificationTrigger

The local notification is supposed to fire at 25-9-2021. Here is the print object of fire time ▿ year: 2021 month: 9 day: 26 isLeapMonth: false year : 2021 month : 9 day : 25 isLeapMonth : false let content = UNMutableNotificationContent() content.title = "Test title" content.body = "sample test body" var trigger:UNCalendarNotificationTrigger let n […]

ios13 notification content custom height

Our code was working with previous versions, but on iOS13 the custom notification content height not working properly. Everything is visible what it should be, but the buttons are not clickable after a part of view. So for example after 320 pixel the custom views are not clickable. Running the same code on ios12 works. […]

By incmiko
Categorised as ios, ios13, notifications, rich-notifications, uilocalnotification

UILocalNotification custom sound is not playing in iOS7

I’m using UILocalNotification in an application. In the application there are two sounds which are played conditionally- I have applied proper conditions for them. But when I install the application and run it on an iOS 7 device, then it fires the local notification but a sound is not playing in the application. Code is […]

By Jayeshkumar Sojitra
Categorised as audio, ios, ios7, iphone, uilocalnotification

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