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How to identify AppClips is launched by appclip card or by the user by searching the appclip in spotlight

I am working on an appclip, when I scan a QR code, appclip card gets shown and on click of open appclips gets launched and I performed a booking flow. Now next time if user comes to appclips using QR code, then I want to show an alert to user, that there is a booking […]

Dynamic Links not working when app is closed, only when in background

I’ve been working to include Dynamic Links in my app. I have set it up so that links can be generated correctly, and received correctly, but they only work when the app is open and in the background. If the app is closed completely, the link will just open the app. It looks like it […]

UIScene concept is not clear

Before we all get used to the approach when in AppDelegate we create UIWindow and then set rootViewController for this Window. Sometimes when we needed to have a custom alert we can create a new UIWindow that will be above. Now Xcode automatically creates UIScene and creates UIWindow base on this scene. I would appreciate […]

By Paul T
Categorized as ios, iphone, swift, uiscene, uiscenedelegate

iPadOS: Can I request another app to open in split screen?

I have written two Apps, let’s call them A and B. When the user does a special action inside a fullscreen-displayed app A I want app B to automatically open in split screen next to app A. In this WWDC session, I learned that this is now possible within one app with multiple scenes using […]

By fl034
Categorized as ios, ios13, ipados, uiscenedelegate

iOS 13 Issue: AppDelegate not triggering return of background music despite not supporting multiple windows

I have an app produced in Xcode prior to iOS 13. The app does not support multiple windows. While we have experienced weirdness with AppDelegate before, there seems to be more weirdness since iOS 13 was released, and I was hoping to see if others have experienced something similar. Specifically, if I enter multitask mode […]

By Mike Pandolfini
Categorized as appdelegate, ios13, swift, uiscenedelegate, xcode

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