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Do we need to produce video assets in iOS apps at @3x @2x and @1x as for image assets?

I understand the requirement for images but do apps have to respect the same variations for embedded videos? If not what resolution should be used? Source: Ios Questions

By Abolfoooud
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Record video of Xcode Simulator WITH AUDIO?

I need to record a video of my app to use for the Preview in the App Store. It’s crucial for me to feature the actual app audio (since it’s an interactive educational app for musicians). Xcode Simulator 12.5 has the great new feature of easily recording video… but the recorded video doesn’t include sound. Does […]

By Anton
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How to record audio and video in safari browser in iOS devices and Mac OS devices?

Stuck with the implementation to Record Audio & Video in safari browsers. What I have tried: I tried using WebRTC to get access to the Microphone and Camera, I was able to show the permissions but I’m unable to get access to the devices. Below is my code: navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia = function(constraintObj) { let getUserMedia = […]

By Anirudh
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Flutter Ffmpeg video compress error No such file or directory, but file exists

In a Flutter project, I’m trying to compress a video using Ffmpeg (min-gpl) and, only in iOS, I get the error flutter: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/6C20B1B1_compressed-D6BD-421B-98E3-21123BF15A04/Documents/videos/raw/VID_20201025_224514.mp4: No such file or directory flutter: FFmpeg process exited with rc 1 , but, if I do this, right before I run the ffmpeg command, print(File(videoPath).existsSync().toString()); returns "true". int rc = new […]

By fff
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How can I understand that the remote party is stopped its video in pjsip

For an iOS application, I need to know that when the remote party is stopped its video for an existing call. Is there any API or event that triggered by pjsip library? Thanks in advance for your help. Source: Ios Questions

By Erhan
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Portrait videos no longer retain aspect ratio in iOS 14

Using version Texture 3.0.0 with XCode 12 and iOS 14, a problem that appears only on iOS 14 devices, is that portrait videos load with the wrong resolution (it may seem that they swap their width with their height). Auto play works fine, but manual play does not. Portrait videos are broken, but landscape videos […]

By ericosg
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A specific MP4 file is not playable with avfoundation in iOS

I have an mp4 video file that I want to play it in iOS using avfoundation. Unfortunately, the file is not being played and unable to save into the default gallery(photos) even it has h264 video codec and aac audio codec. And it is only playable when I reencode it using ffmpeg. I want to […]

By Rabel Ahmed
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Trying to cast a local video file using AirPlay returns ‘externalPlaybackNotSupportedForAsset’ (-11870)

I’m currently having some troubles using AVPlayer and AVAsset in order to cast a video to an external screen using AirPlay. After adding the AVRoutePickerView in order to have the AirPlay button, I was able to successfully cast videos to use AirPlay, creating an AVAsset from a remote URL. If I try the same thing […]

By Alessandro Sperotti
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AVAssetTrack understanding preferredTransform property

I faced with misunderstanding of preferredTransform property of AVAssetTrack. In my app I am extracting video frames and trying to display them but I don’t understand how the frame data is laid out and what means preferredTransform property (if this transform which I must apply to the frame data then image must be displayed correctly […]

By Sergey Pekar
Categorized as avfoundation, cocoa-touch, ios, swift, video

drawing html5 video on a canvas – on iPad

I’m drawing a video on a canvas, this works fine with Safari / Chrome / Firefox / Opera, but on the iPad, even though the video plays, (correct codec, etc) it is never rendered on the canvas, Basically I just call : canvas.getContext(“2d”).drawImage(video, 0, 0); when the video is playing, and stop doing this when […]

By just a dude
Categorized as canvas, html, ios, javascript, video
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