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Iphone X viewport switching from portrait to landscape causes top of page to be unclickable

Issue with link at top of the page on iPhone X becomming unclickable after rotating from portrait to landscape. While in portrait mode click ‘Hide Toolbar’ then rotate to landscape. Using the following code I can’t seem to be able to click the ‘Close’ button. Is the top of the screen an unclickable area reserved […]

By Tikeb
Categorised as css, ios, iphone, viewport

Disable pinch zoom on IOS 13 safari

I know this question has been asked so much. But have there been any updates on being able to disable pinch zoom on the latest version of safari? I have a map application that implements pinch to zoom on specific elements of the webpage (the map). I want users to be able to zoom in […]

By Fish
Categorised as ios, pinchzoom, safari, viewport, zoom

JS – Safari on iOS – How to get viewport scale property

On Chrome, I can get the viewport scale by looking at window.visualViewport.scale it is available on Safari, however, it seems that window.visualViewport is not defined on older versions of Safari on iOS. Is there any workaround? Source: Ios

By Shlomi Schwartz
Categorised as ios, javascript, mobile, viewport, window

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