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How to fix WebView layout in Xamarin Forms after rotation on iOS (WKWebView)

I’m encountering problems getting a WebView to take up the whole screen properly in an iOS app using Xamarin Forms & in a ContentPage. The native control is WkWebView and am testing in an iPhone 12, iOS 14.1 Simulator. Also, when the device rotates back into portrait orientation, the size of the WebView is […]

By Wes
Categorised as ios, layout, webview, wkwebview, xamarin.forms Tagged , , , ,

How to fix exception Device xxx disconnected while writing characteristic with yyy in xamarin forms?

I am creating a BLE app where I am successfully connecting to a BLE device. I am able to read the GATT characteristics as well. But when I try to do write operation I get exception Device xxx disconnected while writing characteristic with yyy This is my code private async Task<string> ProcessDeviceInformationService(IService deviceInfoService) { try […]

How to add a credential provider app extension for iOS 12 in xamarin

I’m trying to leverage the new extension to work with a password management app, and I’m running into a road block setting it up. It could be my googling skills but there is almost no documentation on how to do this with xamarin. What I have so far: Added as a custom property into […]

By Cuberic
Categorised as ios, ios-extensions, xamarin, xamarin.forms

Xamarin Forms: Editor acts weird on iOS when RTL text is pasted in comparison to Label

In Xamarin Forms, I created an Editor and a Label to test how RTL text appears in both. If I copy RTL text and paste it in the Editor, it looks weird whereas the Label looks right. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?> <ContentPage xmlns=”” xmlns:x=”” xmlns:d=”” xmlns:mc=”″ mc:Ignorable=”d” x:Class=”App3.MainPage”> <StackLayout Orientation=”Vertical” Padding=”20,60″ Spacing=”20″ BackgroundColor=”Beige”> <Editor x:Name=”Editor” […]

By user246392
Categorised as ios, uitextview, xamarin, xamarin.forms, xamarin.ios

Xamarin iOS Could not AOT the assembly Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Migrations.Migration

We’ve added migrations to our xamarin forms project and ever since then we can’t deploy it to an iOS device. It will run on the simulator fine but will fail with AOT errors on deploying to device. It seems to be a fairly wide spread topic over the web but none of the ideas so […]

By matt
Categorised as ios, mono, xamarin, xamarin.forms, xamarin.ios

"error": "InvalidRegistration" while sending push notifications

I am implementing FCM push notifications using FirebasePushNotificationPlugin in Xamarin.Forms. In iOS project, in AppDelegate when RegisteredForRemoteNotifications method calling deviceToken generating but when I am sending notification for generated token by Postman I am getting error. { “multicast_id”: 8631208504861228784, “success”: 0, “failure”: 1, “canonical_ids”: 0, “results”: [ { “error”: “InvalidRegistration” } ] } This is […]

Xcode 10.2 -Visual studio 2019 – XamarinForms -TKCustomMaps crash

I am facing a particular crash after I updated visual studio 2019, Xcode 10.2. and iPhone 12.2 when I leave the map page is crashing. opens fine the first time 2.crashes during the next time I open the same page 3. the crash will disappear if I comment the XAML for the map Version […]

By Pxaml
Categorised as ios, maps, visual-studio, xamarin.forms, xcode

Cross-App Keychain Access, where to configure?

I am currently developing multiple cross-plattform apps which (under iOS) use some shared keychain entries. My current project started on android and after we had a working version I continued working on the iOS version. I imported our keychain access code from earlier projects to access our shared login-data. Only this time the queries always […]

By Brandtware
Categorised as c++, ios, keychain, xamarin, xamarin.forms

Xamarin Forms – CustomRenderer Not Working After Navigating Away

I have a custom renderer in my iOS Native code for my main page. It works perfectly fine when the app start up, and renders Navbar items using the iOS System icons which is what I want. However, if I navigate away from the main page, when I navigate back the RightBarButtonItems array only contains […]

By Luke
Categorised as c++, ios, xamarin, xamarin.forms, xamarin.ios

How does one create a project to create a Nuget package for Xamarin Forms supporting iOS, Android, and UWP?

It feels like no one in the world has done this. I can’t find any tutorials or help on how to create this. What I’m trying to do is create my own plugin, let’s say to add notifications to Xamarin forms, that will work on Android, iOS, and UWP. Every mention of this I see […]

By SolidSnake4444
Categorised as android, c++, ios, xamarin, xamarin.forms

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