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ARKit Body Tracking using Xamarin and C# Inaccurate

I am trying to translate some Swift examples (such as this one to C# that show how to use ARKit Body Tracking. But I don’t quite seem able to position the joint nodes correctly over the corresponding joints. They follow my body movements, but the position of the nodes seem to be incorrect. Can […]

By Lee Englestone
Categorised as arkit, c++, swift, xamarin Tagged , , ,

How to add a credential provider app extension for iOS 12 in xamarin

I’m trying to leverage the new extension to work with a password management app, and I’m running into a road block setting it up. It could be my googling skills but there is almost no documentation on how to do this with xamarin. What I have so far: Added as a custom property into […]

By Cuberic
Categorised as ios, ios-extensions, xamarin, xamarin.forms

Detect AVPlayerItem Status change

This is my (Xamarin C#) code: (player is an AVPlayer.) var v = NSNotificationCenter.DefaultCenter.AddObserver(new NSString(“Status”), ReadyNow, player.CurrentItem); It never calls ReadyNow(NSNotification obj) even though the player plays fine. How do I fix it to call the method? (I don’t know if the error is in the Xamarin/C# part or in the object I’m using etc. […]

By ispiro
Categorised as c++, ios, xamarin, xamarin.ios

The right way to make cross-platform RTMP streaming/playing app. Phonegap livu plugin?

If we need to write a cross-platform mobile app, which supports playing and broadcasting RTMP video streams. I know that one can use Android native libs and Objective C also has some. But can we do it truely cross-platform and without using unsupported Flash, Adobe AIR or other external components? Which is the right way […]

By moonsly
Categorised as android, cordova, ios, rtmp, xamarin

Xamarin iOS layout changes after adding launch screen storyboard

I inherited an old xamarin codebase. It launches in this strange windowed form with top and bottom black bars (pictured below). It also uses a launch image. As soon as I start using a launch storyboard, the app becomes fullscreen (no top/bottom black bars), and as a result, all the layout is messed up. Does […]

By xytor
Categorised as autolayout, ios, xamarin, xamarin.ios

Xamarin Forms: Editor acts weird on iOS when RTL text is pasted in comparison to Label

In Xamarin Forms, I created an Editor and a Label to test how RTL text appears in both. If I copy RTL text and paste it in the Editor, it looks weird whereas the Label looks right. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?> <ContentPage xmlns=”” xmlns:x=”” xmlns:d=”” xmlns:mc=”″ mc:Ignorable=”d” x:Class=”App3.MainPage”> <StackLayout Orientation=”Vertical” Padding=”20,60″ Spacing=”20″ BackgroundColor=”Beige”> <Editor x:Name=”Editor” […]

By user246392
Categorised as ios, uitextview, xamarin, xamarin.forms, xamarin.ios

NSLayoutManager returns incorrect character index when tapping on LTR text in RTL attributed text

I wrote code to detect if the user taps within a specific range in UILabel. It seems to be working in most cases, but I have noticed that tapping the last line of an attributed text creates inconsistent results. public static bool DidTapRange(this UITapGestureRecognizer recognizer, UILabel label, NSRange range) { using (var ts = new […]

By user246392
Categorised as ios, nslayoutmanager, uilabel, xamarin, xamarin.ios

iOS: NSMutableAttributedString.AddAttributes not rendered. (Xamarin)

I am trying to change the style of a link in a UILabel in Xamarin.iOS. I wrote the following code and the NSMutableAttributedString is updated correctly. However the updated style is not rendered. Am I missing something? I am testing on the iOS Simulator. mutableHtmlString.EnumerateAttribute(linkAttributeName, new NSRange(0, mutableHtmlString.Length), NSAttributedStringEnumeration.LongestEffectiveRangeNotRequired, (NSObject value, NSRange range, ref bool […]

By Matteo Bortolazzo
Categorised as ios, iphone, swift, xamarin, xamarin.ios

Xamarin iOS crash on startup after migrating from MvvmCross 4 to 5

After upgrading MvvmCross from version 4 to 5.1.1, I get the a TargetInvocationException at my entrypoint (UIApplication.Main(…)). This is the class: using UIKit; namespace sample { public class Application { // This is the main entry point of the application. static void Main(string[] args) { // if you want to use a different Application Delegate […]

By Yuri
Categorised as ios, mvvmcross, xamarin, xamarin.ios

Firebase auth attempt to use an Apple’s identity token returns 17999 INVALID_CREDENTIAL_OR_PROVIDER_ID in a Xamarin.iOS app

I’m using Xamarin.Firebase.iOS.Auth and Apple AuthenticationServices to let a user to sign in using Apple Sign In and later authenticate with Firebase. I have a Xamarin.iOS app and the Apple Sign In part was done without any issues, I was able to activate Apple Sign In and receive a valid identity token from ASAuthorizationAppleIdCredential. The […]

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