Change DisplayImage while playing Mp3 file using CrossMediaManager in Xamarin forms IOS

I am trying to change the Display Image while playing mp3 file using CrossMediaManager, but It seems it doesn’t change the image. It does change the title, id and so on, but I don’t know why it can’t change the display image.

static async Task<MediaItem> GenerateReciterMediaItem(byte type, AudioReciter reciter)
   Chapter c = await Chapter.GetChapterAsync(1);
   string fileUri = "";
   var item = (MediaItem)await CrossMediaManager.Current.Extractor.CreateMediaItem(fileUri);
   var reciterImageUri = ""; //doesn't change display image to this
   // another url  //doesn't change display to this 
   var image = new Image() { Source = ImageSource.FromUri(new Uri(reciterImageUri))};
   if (item != null)
      item.Id = string.Format("{0},{1},{2}", type, chapterId, reciter.ReciterID);
      item.IsMetadataExtracted = false;
      item.Title = reciter.Name;
      item.Album = string.Format("{0} - {1} ({2})", c.ChapterID, c.ArabicEnglishName, c.EnglishName);
      item.Artist = reciter.Name;

      //below statements doesn't work
      item.AlbumImage = image;
      item.AlbumImageUri = reciterImageUri;
      item.DisplayImage = image;
      item.DisplayImageUri = reciterImageUri;
      item.Image = image;
      item.ImageUri = reciterImageUri;
  return item;

How to change the display Image while Playing mp3 file using CrossMediaManager? Is it about the Image format/size? url? or anything else which doesn’t work.

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