Create UDP server using C++ to embed in cross platform iOS and Android app


I am developing a cross-platform mobile game (iOS and Android) using cocos2d-x.
Most of my code is written in C++, with OS specific code in Objective-C / Java / Swift using a bridge.

I was wondering if anyone has used any C++ library to host a UDP server within their app ?

EDIT: So far I have found many platform specific solutions (using Java for Android, and cocoaasync etc for iOS), but nothing specifically in C++ which has been used for a cross platform app.

Edit: I would prefer a solution without boost. Preferably something simple to include like adding a couple of files to a project.

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You can most probably use Valve’s GameNetworkingSockets,

They have very limited external dependencies, so you should be able to compile them for both iOS and Android

You can also take a look at this list:, where there is a list of libraries that you can alternatively try.

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