CupertinoSegmentedControl doesn’t have a starting value field. How can I initialize? (Flutter; ios)

So I’m using a CupertinoSegmentedControl widget in my Flutter application in order to get the user to select an option. Everything works perfectly except in one situation. If the user selects an option, and leaves that field, then comes BACK, while I DO have their selection saved in the code, it’s not being visually represented to the user.

How can this be done?

My issue is that this widget doesn’t seem to have an initial-value option inside it, so I’ve looked at other options, and the only thing I can think of is trying to programmatically select the button that the customer chose, as the program is reselecting that option and bringing up the widget.

Is that even plausible/workable? And if so how might I go about it?

(The widget as it stands is as follows)

return SizedBox(
  width: double.infinity,
  child: Padding(
    padding: EdgeInsets.only(top: 8),
    child: CupertinoSegmentedControl<int>(
      children: choice_types,
      onValueChanged: (int newValue) {
        choiceType = newValue;
        choice_selected = true;

Any Suggestions?

Source: Ios