DatePicker on Mac not saving date until return key is pressed


I’m adapting my iPad app to Mac with Mac Catalyst and am having a problem with the datePicker (it has a datePickerMode of time). On iPad the datePicker is a wheel and whenever the user scrolls on the date picker the dateChanged action is fired. But on Mac the date picker is not a scroller and is instead a type of text input. I can type and change all the time values on Mac, but the dateChanged action won’t be fired until I press the return key.

I would like to get the dateChange action fired whenever a user is entering in a time. How can I do this? I tried adding different targets to the datePicker but nothing work.

I actually prefer to have the date scroller on the Mac so if anyone knows how to do this instead I would greatly appreciate it (I looked all over the internet for this and found nothing)!

Here’s my code:

class DateVC: UIViewController {
     @IBOutlet weak var datePicker: UIDatePicker!

     override func viewDidLoad() {

          //Just show the time
          datePicker.datePickerMode = .time

     //Action connected to datePicker. This is not called until I press enter on Mac
     @IBAction func datePickerChanged(_ sender: Any) {
        //do actions


Source: Swift

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