Firebase Firestore Swift, Timestamp but server time?


With Firestore, I add a timestamp field like this

    var ref: DocumentReference? = nil
    ref = Firestore.firestore()
        .addDocument(data: [
            "name": name,
            "words": words,
            "created": Timestamp(date: Date())
        ]) { ...
            let theNewId = ref!.documentID

That’s fine and works great, but it’s not really correct. Should be using the "server timestamp" which Firestore supplies.

Pls note this is on iOS (Swift) and Firestore, not Firebase.

What the heck is the syntax to get a server timestamp?

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You can either assign your class attribute with @ServerTimestamp using the FirebaseFirestoreSwift and it will set the server timestamp when you add the document or you can create a CloudFunction to assign this field with the server timestamp in the onCreate lifecycle of your document, notice its imposible to get the server timestamp at runtime, since you’re not in the server.
Check here for more info about FirebaseFirestoreSwift:

Bruno Monteiro de Andrade

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