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I need to broadcast custom ble advertisement data from an ios/android device to many custom BLE Devices. My goal is to set the bytes of the ble adv package to broadcast it to ble devices nearby.

As far as is i know i need to set the payload of the advertise package of my ios / android device.

In my case it isn’t possible to simply connect to every ble device and write characteristics values, because i need to broadcast data to many devices.

Is there any way to solve this problem with flutter / flutter blue?

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Advertisement is not meant to connect to devices, just advertising data.

If a device is advertising, it is up to the receiver to make a connection and exchange data.
This is only possible if the application on the receiver is made for the advertising device, or has some pre-defined protocol to interact with advertising devices that have the same protocol.
In the advertising packet there is a flag that states if the advertiser is connectable or not.

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