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I am having a Xamarin forms ios app with push notifications enabled it works fine with a Distribution provisioning profile but not with the Development profile. I have uploaded the certificates for Development and Distribution in the Identifier of my app on apple account. Now when I am downloading and installing the profile which is using that App ID(Identifier) I am getting the below error every time:

Failed to install one or more provisioning profiles on this device.

Please ensure the provisioning profile is configured for this device.
If not, please try to generate a new profile.

I am getting this error on installing every profile.
mac version is 10.15.4 and Xcode 11.4 (11E146).

I have tried the Download Manual Profiles option in Xcode preferences for my account.
Please help me with fixing this blocker !!

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I also experience the same issue and I am not in a situation to delete all provisioning profiles (in ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/)

Instead I deleted the old profile with same uuid (You can open a provisioning profile in TextEdit and find UUID or Just tap space mac will Show quick display with all details)

Then I downloaded the new profile, rename with uuid of the new profile (.mobileprovision) and then copy to provisioning profiles folder (~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/)

Then I am able to select the profile in Xcode and use it.

Miss Jany Koelpin

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