Google Advance Native Ad Display issue


I am using google advance native Ad.
My Ad is display successfully on simulator and device when I run from Xcode, but when my app is live then one day Ad display on all device then another day Ad is not display in any one device whats problem in my code please help me.

Mainview is GADUnifiedNativeAdView

cell.Mainview.nativeAd = nativeAd

cell.Mainview.mediaView?.mediaContent = nativeAd.mediaContent

(cell.Mainview.iconView as! UIImageView).image = (nativeAd.icon)?.image

cell.Mainview.iconView?.isHidden = nativeAd.icon == nil

(cell.Mainview.bodyView as! UILabel).text = nativeAd.body

cell.Mainview.bodyView?.isHidden = nativeAd.body == nil

(cell.Mainview.headlineView as! UILabel).text = nativeAd.headline

(cell.Mainview.callToActionView as! UIButton).setTitle(
                                nativeAd.callToAction?.uppercased(), for: UIControl.State.normal)
cell.Mainview.callToActionView?.isHidden = nativeAd.callToAction == nil
                        cell.Mainview.callToActionView?.isUserInteractionEnabled = false

Note : I also applied all privacy and policy of Ad.

Source: Ios

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