How can I debug a "Failed to install" message?


I am currently attempting to develop a cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin.forms. As a part of this application I need to include a 3rd party .framework in my Xamarin.iOS project. I have successfully created a Xamarin.iOS Bindings Library .dll and included it in my project. I am able to reference the library and compile without errors, however when I attempt to deploy the app to the iPhone simulator the app will start and then crash with a “Failed to install” message.

Error Message

If I remove any lines of code which reference this .dll the app will run fine.

Does anyone have any insight on how to solve this?

Potentially useful information:
I am developing in Visual Studio for Windows
Xamarin version:
Xamarin.iOS version:
XCode version: 12.0.1
iOS version: 14.0

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