How to avoid Robotic sound when playing video in IOS xamarin forms?


Now am facing issue in ios when playing video background sounds like robotic in Video while compression and uploaded in webserver sounds like distrated in xamarin forms ios. How to improve the qauality of sound in video, How to resolve this?

        NSError error = new NSError();
var outputURL = new NSUrl(outputPath);
    using (AVAsset asset = AVAsset.FromUrl(NSUrl.FromFilename(inputPath)))
                    using (AVAssetExportSession export = new AVAssetExportSession(asset, AVAssetExportSessionPreset.MediumQuality))
                        export.OutputFileType = AVFileType.Mpeg4;
                        export.ShouldOptimizeForNetworkUse = true;
                        export.OutputUrl = NSUrl.FromFilename(outputURL.ToString());
                        NSFileManager.DefaultManager.Remove(outputURL, out error);

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