How to overcome "Please select a valid device before running the application." on a paired with Mac Visual Studio on Windows 10


I have a Win10 computer paired with Mac. Until today all things were okay, but today I start getting the message:

Please select a valid device before running the application

when I try to debug an iOS Xamarin application on a selected iPhone simulator.

My configurations:

  XCode Vesion: version 12.2
  Visual Studio 2019: version 8.8.4 (build 30)

Win 10:

  Visual Studio 2019: version 16.8.3

Simulator names are available on my Win10 computer, but when I select one and try to debug an iOS application I get the message I reported above.

If I launch debug on the Mac directly it runs and starts debugging on the selected iPhone simulator. But when I do the same on the paired Win10 computer in Visual Studio I get this message.

I searched google and SO for this issue and according to advises downgraded XCode to the most possible version 12.2 that is supported by Visual Studio. But it does not change anything.

I want to debug application only on simulator on the paired Win10 computer.

Is there a way to fix this issue?

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