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Our code was working with previous versions, but on iOS13 the custom notification content height not working properly. Everything is visible what it should be, but the buttons are not clickable after a part of view. So for example after 320 pixel the custom views are not clickable. Running the same code on ios12 works.

self.preferredContentSize = CGSize(width: self.preferredContentSize.width, height: contentH)

Any solution? Or is it an iOS13 bug?

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Im not sure where you are setting the heights and widths from but alot has changed following IOS 13 for Notifications and Push notifications both , While push notifications remain a big hassel having to change tockens and more biggest effect for notifications is many of the UIApplicationDelegate lifecycle methods are no longer called.

There are now corresponding lifecycle methods in the UISceneDelegate. This means there is a need to listen to the UIScene.didEnterBackgroundNotification notification under iOS 13. Now that you may think that it does not have a direct effect on a height or a width of a notification , i faced something of that sort and having moving someone them accroding to the New lifecylce methods they rendered properly .

Im Not sure if your issue will be sorted but also take alook at the below link. Might help you.Even i refered to this while i was facing the issues

View controller responds to app delegate notifications in iOS 12 but not in iOS 13

Keshawn Goodwin MD

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