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I have a ViewController which contains a TableView and that table view cell contains another TableView. I need to remove cell selection of the child TableView just after tapping on relevant cell, but I can’t find a way to get my work done.

This is my code

Parent TableViewCell Class

public partial class ParentTableViewCell : MvxTableViewCell
    protected ParentTableViewCell(IntPtr handle) : base(handle) { }

    public override void AwakeFromNib()

        MvxTableViewSource childTableViewSource = new ChildTableViewSource(ChildTableView);
        ChildTableView.Source = childTableViewSource;

        var set = this.CreateBindingSet<ParentTableViewCell, ParentCellViewModel>();

        set.Bind(childTableViewSource).To(vm => vm.ChildTableViewItems);
        set.Bind(childTableViewSource).For(tvs => tvs.SelectionChangedCommand).To(vm => vm.ChildTableViewItemsClickCommand);


Child TableView Source Class

public class ChildTableViewSource: MvxTableViewSource
    public SubTasksTableViewSource(IntPtr handle) : base(handle) { }

    public SubTasksTableViewSource(UITableView tableView) : base(tableView) { }

    protected override UITableViewCell GetOrCreateCellFor(UITableView tableView, NSIndexPath indexPath, object item)
        var cell = (ChildTableViewCell)tableView.DequeueReusableCell("ChildTableViewCell");
        return cell;

    //public override void RowHighlighted(UITableView tableView, NSIndexPath rowIndexPath)
    //    tableView.DeselectRow(rowIndexPath, true);

    public override void RowSelected(UITableView tableView, NSIndexPath indexPath)
        tableView.DeselectRow(indexPath, true);

Parent Cell ViewModel Class

public class ParentCellViewModel : MvxViewModel
    protected readonly IMvxNavigationService _navigationService;

    //other parameters

    public BaseViewModel(IMvxNavigationService navigationService)
        _navigationService = navigationService;

    private MvxCommand<ChildCellViewModel> _childTableViewItemsClickCommand;
    public MvxCommand<ChildCellViewModel> ChildTableViewItemsClickCommand => _childTableViewItemsClickCommand =
        _childTableViewItemsClickCommand ?? new MvxCommand<ChildCellViewModel>(OnChildTableViewItemsClickCommand);

    public async void OnChildTableViewItemsClickCommand(ChildCellViewModel item)
        //passing item id to edit view
        MvxBundle bundle = new MvxBundle();
        bundle.Data.Add("ID", item.ID);

        await _navigationService.Navigate<ChildCellEditViewModel, MvxBundle>(bundle);

Here what happens is, RowSelected method runs but OnChildTableViewItemsClickCommand doesn’t get hit. As I understand this is because both RowSelected and SelectionChangedCommand are there and I don’t think deselecting cells is possible in ViewModel.

I tried to deselect the cell in RowHighlighted method. But it didn’t deselect cell for some reason.

Can someone show me a way to do both deselecting the row and navigate to edit view at the same time. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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