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In my MonoDevelop project I have an iPhone app. I have two different views. Each view contains a UITable. For view 1 I have class 1 hooked to the UITable as Datasource 1. For View 2 I have a class 2 hooked up as Datasource 2. Both classes (i.e. Datasources) feed the tables with data. View 2 also has a custom cell and because of this loads asynchronous.

I get the data from 2 XML files using linq to XML. Everything works and the data loads great. What I need to do know is to load data in Datasource 2 based on the selection made in View 1. To do this I need to pass an ID from view 1 to Class(Datasource) 2. Problem.

I have tried just about everything I know but I just can’t get it right.

The correct solution according to me:

I have created another class called SelectedRound with two properties. Code:

using System;

namespace xxxxx
    public class SelectedRound
        public string RoundID { get; set; }
        public string Date { get; set; }

When I set RoundID in class 1 then I can access it in class 1. Trying to access it in class 2 however, returns nothing or null. Why would this happen? Could it be because Class(Datasource) 2 is loading asynchronously? Should I instantiate the SelectedRound class in some global way? If so how? AppDelegate maybe? (I am struggling to do that as well).

It seems pointless to me that setting and getting a simple string variable is difficult.

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