PlugInKit: -[PKService run] iOS Keyboard extension error


I have developed a iOS keyboard and i am getting some wired error in my crash logs i have search in every where but i didn’t find any solution. This is the error i am getting in my error console.

PlugInKit: -[PKService run] + 752

enter image description here

Here is screenshot of the error. can anyone tell me how can i solved this error. error log

#0  (null) in mach_msg_trap ()

#1  (null) in mach_msg ()

#2  (null) in __CFRunLoopServiceMachPort ()

#3  (null) in __CFRunLoopRun ()

#4  (null) in CFRunLoopRunSpecific ()

#5  (null) in GSEventRunModal ()

#6  (null) in UIApplicationMain ()

#7  (null) in _xpc_objc_main ()

#8  (null) in xpc_main ()

#9  (null) in -[NSXPCListener resume] ()

#10 (null) in -[PKService run] ()

#11 (null) in +[PKService main] ()

#12 (null) in +[PKService _defaultRun:arguments:] ()

#13 (null) in NSExtensionMain ()

#14 (null) in start ()

Source: Ios

Categorised as crash-reports, ios, keyboard


Looks like a problem with the memory.
From the documentation

Memory limits for running app extensions are significantly lower than
the memory limits imposed on a foreground app. On both platforms, the
system may aggressively terminate extensions because users want to
return to their main goal in the host app. Some extensions may have
lower memory limits than others: For example, widgets must be
especially efficient because users are likely to have several widgets
open at the same time.

Are you building an extension keyboard? Are you loading images there?

If you are loading images make sure to use lower resolution and check the color bitmap for each image (sometimes png uses 24bit). Try with jpeg images (you are gonna lose transparency but at least will work) so when you load them it won’t take too much memory. For more info about PNG vs JPEG and memory concerns take a look at

Clark Altenwerth

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