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Close and Navigate compilation error after updating to 8.0.2 from 5.x when trying to return bool from navigation

return await NavigationService.Navigate<LocationDisclosureViewModel, bool?>(); no longer valid. Get a compilation error stating it must be a reference type. The type ‘bool?’ must be a reference type in order to use it as parameter ‘TResult’ in the generic type or method ‘IMvxNavigationService.Navigate<TViewModel, TResult>(IMvxBundle?, CancellationToken)’ Also when trying to invoke Close, no longer valid. await NavigationService.Close(this, false); […]

By Rich Foster
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Is there a native iOS Notes API?

It’s now 2 years after the latest question about native deep-linking to iOS apps. Here’s an unanswered thread from 2019. From what I’ve been able to read we can deep link with mobilenotes:// but it’s hard to find any references to this. I’m currently working in Xamarin, which supports deep linking and apps like Maps […]

By thugzook
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Pre-Load pages on xamarin forms

I was searching for tricks to make my Xamarin Forms app faster, and I came across this article. Well, I have tried out some options there but I am finding it difficult to achieve the last option that says; Pre-Load screens: This improved by a lot the performance on the app itself what we did […]

By Pat Nadis
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How to Not fetch screenshots from Photos library iOS

I am trying to fetch Photos from Photo library and I want to show only images from the Photo Library. I do not want to show videos. I am using PHFetchOptions to fetch PHAssets from Photos library. Also I have provided a predicate to fetch only the photos. Below is my code: let allPhotosOptions = […]

By FE Tech
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How to prevent android and Ios device display size chnages in xamarin?

Currently, I have applied the following code to prevent the font size changes in android it is work for font size changes but it is not working for display size changes to (low, medium, high) in some specific device. The UI text is overlapping. public override Resources Resources { get { Resources res = base.Resources; […]

By Gajanan Naragude
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