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Xamarin.iOS binding library that depends on FirebaseCore

I need to bind library for Xamarin.iOS which has many dependencies, such as Firebase/Core and Firebase/Messaging. Following that doc, I have created a proxy project, generated the fat release, used sharpie to create the ApiDefinitions, generated the dll with a Binding Project in Visual Studio for Mac, and finaly used it in a Xamarin.iOS project […]

By Maxime Esprit
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Does creating an INImage from a URL work?

I would like to use INImage.init(url:) for displaying a user profile image in a notification. This initializer is documented with: A URL that specifies an image file on a remote server. The image file can be in any format supported by the system, but it is recommended that you use PNG images. However, as far […]

By Wil Gieseler
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Deploy wireless to iPhone using Windows machine

Can I deploy my xamarin.iOS app over Wifi from my windows machine? I only have a remote mac that I use for building, but obviously can’t plug in my iPhone there to establish a remote connection. Is there a feature in visual studio or any other possibility to debug wirelessly without the need to purchase […]

By rstolze
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Xamarin Apple Account error: There was an error while loading your certificates: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I’m trying to solve this problem that I have. Checking iOS configuration I realized that I have another problem with Apple Account certificates, I don’t know if this problem is causing the first one. I’m using Visual Studio Professional 2019 Version 16.11.3 ​on Windows 10 Pro laptop. At this moment the iPhone is running iOS […]

By Jon
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Storekit 2 API missing in Xamarin iOS?

I have a legacy Xamarin.iOS app. This app uses store kit. to purchase products, but the method used is marked as obsolete. Here is the obsolete method used by the legacy app : SKPayment.PaymentWithProduct(_subscription); The compiler tells me this method is obsolete, and I should use "From Product" instead. I guess this means I should […]

By Damien Doumer
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