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iAd Banner does not appear but the code and right

I have a problem with iAd. I have followed many tutorials that are of excellent quality, and a few days ago I was able to correctly insert iAd in a test application. Now the method does not work even if I try to create a new application with only the iAd as a test! I […]

By Jollyvideos
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Rendering text in uppercase without changing the backing string? (iOS7 & Text Kit)

My application targets iOS 7 only. I have a UITextView presenting an NSAttributedString. The string represents a document, each paragraph has a number of attributes set on it for styling. Some paragraphs need to be rendered in ALL CAPS, however, the style of the paragraph could be changed by the user to something with regular […]

By James J
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Remove empty space before cells in UITableView

I am currently trying to put a UITableView in a different location rather than at the top of my view controller. With this said, it is trying to add the header in the top to account for the navigation bar, but this is not needed since I do not have at the top of my […]

By hetelek
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Replacement for deprecated sizeWithFont: in iOS 7?

In iOS 7, sizeWithFont: is now deprecated. How do I now pass in the UIFont object into the replacement method sizeWithAttributes:? Source: Ios7 Questions

By James Kuang
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Is it possible to send a single message to multiple numbers at a time using Twilio?

I’m developing an app that allows users to add people, info, and Name/phone, or select multiple numbers from their iPhone contact list to send SMS messages to the selected numbers. the problem is Twillio API needs to be call every time per number. Is their any way to call the API once for multiple numbers? […]

By user1357157
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