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Target pattern contains no ‘%’. Makefile

I have searched this problem in google, but still don’t have some way to resolve a problem. I have 2 Makefiles: One as example and one as my file. Example: BINDDIR=/src/binding XBUILD=/Applications/ PROJECT_ROOT=XMBindingLibrarySample PROJECT=$(PROJECT_ROOT)/XMBindingLibrarySample.xcodeproj TARGET=XMBindingLibrarySample BTOUCH=/Developer/MonoTouch/usr/bin/btouch XMBindingLibrary.dll libXMBindingLibrarySample-i386.a: $(XBUILD) -project $(PROJECT) -target $(TARGET) -sdk iphonesimulator -configuration Release clean build -mv $(PROJECT_ROOT)/build/Release-iphonesimulator/lib$(TARGET).a [email protected] libXMBindingLibrarySample-armv6.a: $(XBUILD) -project […]

By Mike
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Can I use a UIRefreshControl in a UIScrollView?

I have about 5 UIScrollView‘s already in my app which all load multiple .xib files. We now want to use a UIRefreshControl. They are built to be used with UITableViewControllers (per UIRefreshControl class reference). I do not want to re-do how all 5 UIScrollView work. I have already tried to use the UIRefreshControl in my […]

By SirRupertIII
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Does UIButton become disabled when its alpha is set to 0.0?

I have a few buttons in my app whose alpha is currently set to zero. These buttons are completely non-responsive, but as soon as I increase their alpha, they begin to respond. Is this expected behavior? Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By CodeBlue
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Is it possible to change the actual ViewController on a UITabBarController in Monotouch

I have a Monotouch App, on AppDelegate the RootViewController is a TabBarController, this TabBarController have 5 ViewControllers, lets say view1 to view5, I use tabBarController.SelectedIndex = 2; for select which viewController will load when the app starts it works and the default tabBar is view3, now I need to show another viewController, lets say from […]

By Ben
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Monotouch set properties not keeping property values

In my MonoDevelop project I have an iPhone app. I have two different views. Each view contains a UITable. For view 1 I have class 1 hooked to the UITable as Datasource 1. For View 2 I have a class 2 hooked up as Datasource 2. Both classes (i.e. Datasources) feed the tables with data. […]

By Joachim Prinsloo
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