Record video of Xcode Simulator WITH AUDIO?


I need to record a video of my app to use for the Preview in the App Store. It’s crucial for me to feature the actual app audio (since it’s an interactive educational app for musicians).

Xcode Simulator 12.5 has the great new feature of easily recording video… but the recorded video doesn’t include sound.

Does anyone know a good way to record a video demonstration of an app with app sound?

(It’s easy to do with QuickTime and an actual iPhone/iPad… but this is only a solution if you happen to have a collection of devices matching each of the required App Preview resolutions… which I don’t.)

UPDATE: I tried to record the audio separately, thinking that I could always merge it with the video in Final Cut/Premiere etc. To do this I installed BlackHole; my plan was to use QuickTime Player to record the audio, choosing BlackHole as the audio source. Unfortunately, BlackHole does not seem to include the audio output of Simulator.

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