Siri INPlayMediaIntent not working in anything other than english


I have a program that handles INPlayMediaIntent in an extension. This works fine as long as you are using Siri in english. Switching to another language makes Siri consider the query as a web search. To reproduce, please check out my demo from github and have a look at the Siri-Localized-MediaIntents-Broken folder.


  • Switch Siri to english
  • Edit the extension run scheme to feed Siri with, e.g., “Play Running in SiriTest”
     – Run the extension scheme (might need to chose Siri as the process to run)
  • Result is fine, Siri recognizes that you’re talking about the app SiriTest and runs the extension (actually the first time it asks you whether it can have access to SiriTest data, but that alone means it’s working fine).


  • Switch Siri to german
  • Edit the extension run scheme to feed Siri with the query, “Spiele Running in SiriTest“
  • Run the scheme
  • Result is wrong, Siri does not recognize that SiriTest has been referred and considers this as a web search, thus reporting that it has not found anything meaningful.

Is this a bug (which is what I’m suspecting) or am I dong anything wrong here?

Source: Ios

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