Spacing between icon and label in tabbedpage bar

2nd question:  How to remove lines after last list item and how  to change the color of the icon?

I have a tabbedPage where I’m assigning text and icons for each tab as follows:

this.Children.Add(new SignaturesTab() { Title = "Signature" , Icon 
= "[email protected]" });
this.Children.Add(new PhotosTab() { Title = "Photos", Icon = 
"[email protected]" });

On my iPhone, icon appears top of the label in the bar for each tab.

Code in Tab Renderer:

protected override void OnElementChanged(VisualElementChangedEventArgs e)
        TabBar.TintColor = new UIColor(red: 0.23f, green: 0.56f, blue: 0.20f, alpha: 1.0f);
        TabBar.UnselectedItemTintColor = new UIColor(red: 0.34f, green: 0.34f, blue: 0.34f, alpha: 1.0f);

public override void ViewDidAppear(bool animated)
        if (TabBar.Items == null) return;
        TabBar.SelectedImageTintColor = new UIColor(red: 0.23f, green: 0.56f, blue: 0.20f, alpha: 1.0f);
        foreach (var uiTabBarItem in TabBar.Items)
            var fontSize = new UITextAttributes(){ Font = UIFont.SystemFontOfSize(13)};
            uiTabBarItem.SetTitleTextAttributes(fontSize, UIControlState.Normal);

Is there a way to provide spacing/margin between icon and label and to the borders.


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