Swift extract regex matches

I want to extract substrings from a string that match a regex pattern.

So I’m looking for something like this:

func matchesForRegexInText(regex: String!, text: String!) -> [String] {

So this is what I have:

func matchesForRegexInText(regex: String!, text: String!) -> [String] {

    var regex = NSRegularExpression(pattern: regex, 
        options: nil, error: nil)

    var results = regex.matchesInString(text, 
        options: nil, range: NSMakeRange(0, countElements(text))) 
            as Array<NSTextCheckingResult>

    /// ???

    return ...

The problem is, that matchesInString delivers me an array of NSTextCheckingResult, where NSTextCheckingResult.range is of type NSRange.

NSRange is incompatible with Range<String.Index>, so it prevents me of using text.substringWithRange(...)

Any idea how to achieve this simple thing in swift without too many lines of code?

Source: Ios