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How can get value from each dropdown?

I am selecting the count of son, on the basis of count I created selected number of dropdown I just want to get value from each dropdown dropdown and dropdown count is not fixed. So I want separate value from each dropdown. How can I achieve this. bool sonVisible = false; bool sonChecked = false; […]

By Jorden
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Kotlin Native compile jar and framework

I’m building a multiplatform library for Android and iOS. My gradle file looks like this: plugins { id ‘org.jetbrains.kotlin.multiplatform’ version ‘1.4.0’ } repositories { mavenCentral() } group ‘com.example’ version ‘0.0.1’ apply plugin: ‘maven-publish’ kotlin { jvm() // This is for iPhone simulator // Switch here to iosArm64 (or iosArm32) to build library for iPhone device […]

By box
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how to enable Spring MVC web app into Mobile app using ionic capacitor?

I have web application in which Frontend is in reactJS and backed in Spring MVC. I have already converted frontend codebase in mobile app using ionic capacitor, but for some reason mobile app not able to access the backend services. My web app is perfectly working on localhost but mobile app is broken. I concluded […]

Open KML/GPX files in appropriate external map app

My Flutter (Android and iOS) app generates KML or GPX files, which works as expected. Now I want to add a button "Open file" which should open such a system dialog where the installed map apps (which can handle such formats) are listed to be chosen. How can I open this dialog? How can I […]

By S-Man
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Video Spec to fluent-FFMPEG settings

Not sure how to translate this video spec into fluent-FFmpeg. please assist. This is the only video I have that plays on my iPhone, and I would like to reuse the video’s encoding to allow other videos I have, to be converted into the same video format. resulting in having my other videos playable via […]

By Dean Van Greunen
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In React Native, How Can I Use KeyboardAvoidingView with a Modal in iOS?

I am having trouble getting a KeyboardAvoidingView to work in iOS, specifically when wrapping a Modal in it. Testing in Android, the Modal avoids the keyboard correctly, but in iOS the keyboard covers the Modal. Here is a reproducible example, using an iPhone X as my test device: import React, {useState} from ‘react’; import {StyleSheet, […]

By MoreFoam
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How to control the suggestion word block when key in some words in entry (Xamarin)

I am implementing iOS/Android APP through Xamarin. I found out that when set IsPassword for an entry to "false" On my test mobile. When typing in this entry. There will no suggestion words. If I set it to true. Then there will be suggestion words. Is this a rule from google or apple? Is there […]

By CC Wang
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Is there an equivalent of FastOutSlowInInterpolator for iOS?

Is there an equivalent of FastOutSlowInInterpolator for iOS? I’ve recently got my hands on AndroidX and really like this interpolator. I’ve found the source code for it too but have no idea how to convert it to iOS implementation. Source: Ios Questions

By user246392
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How to put an image on top of the view of the camera with react-native

I’m interested on putting a view on top of the camera view with React-Native, something similar to this: Is there a plugin or an approachable way to do this?, for now I’m only interested on putting an image and recognize a certain person in a room. (4 people are in the same room, and if […]

By Nico
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Ionic v3: Toggle Hide/Unhide Passwords works only after round-progress ends

I got an app that works as a 2FA and I got an issue with the iOS platform. When I toggle hide/unhide password, the ng-container changes only after the round-progress countdown ends (30 sec) and gets the next password from the database. The problem is that this issue is only on iOS. On Android the […]

By John Priestakos
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