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Visual Studio Mac App Publishing (from archive) error: parameter name "key" cannot be null

I have some issue during the publishing of my first ios app from vs for mac! Here are the steps that i’ve done to signing and (trying to) distributing the app: Distribution Channel: App Store Destination: upload on App Store Connect Recap of distribution certificate and provisioning profile Login with Apple Dev Account App ready […]

By feduss
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Can an iOS "Developer" Role create/upload Testflight builds?

I’ve outsourced the development for one project and I gave them the “Developer Role” and “Access to Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles.” They’re working on a test build and getting ready for a distributable version to show me, but they are insisting on me granting them Admin priviledges which I refuse. After a lot of angry […]

TestFlight Beta testing – Can we have multiple versions of the same application available to different 1000 external testers

I have gone through all the documentation for apple developer beta testing mentioned here: It says  You can enable up to 25 users from your iTunes Connect team to be internal testers and up to 1000 users to be external testers per app. Apple Says : 10 apps can be send for pre-release using […]

Invalid Executable Size – From iTunes Connect

I am uploading my iOS application on iTunes. I am using MonoTouch for compiling my LibGdx Game for iOS. In Android it is hardly 7-8mb. But When I upload on iTunes AppStore then its goes to 78 mb. I dont know why ? Please Let me know. I have also received this error from Apple. […]

By user831413
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