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How to identify AppClips is launched by appclip card or by the user by searching the appclip in spotlight

I am working on an appclip, when I scan a QR code, appclip card gets shown and on click of open appclips gets launched and I performed a booking flow. Now next time if user comes to appclips using QR code, then I want to show an alert to user, that there is a booking […]

iOS App Clip: How Can I create profile for it?

I have create app clip in an iOS project, archive success, but in this step, I cannot select profile of clip, How to solve it? Click down load profile will show as bellow: "No Eligible Profiles" Source: Ios Questions

By JerryZhou
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Export archive error for Xcode project containing app clip

We are using Jenkins to automate building of our iOS project. Everything was working just fine out of the box until we integrated App Clip into the Xcode project. The error says (I changed real bundle id): error: exportArchive: Provide a bundle identifier to select from available reformatters: com.example.myapp and com.example.myapp.Clip Error Domain=IDEDistributionReformatterSelectionStepErrorDomain Code=0 "Provide […]

By Nick
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