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How to send iOS – APN Notification With P12 Certificate – C# Samples

I am new to IOS APN – Notification generating service , Please help on How we can send APN from C# Windows Service – .Net Framework 4.5 / 4.7? Tired with Moon-APN , Pushsharp , DotAPN but no result. If any one have sample code with step by step process please share . Thanks in […]

When iPhone is locked we can’t approve or deny notification from apple watch

I can’t approve or deny notification from apple watch in my Xamarin app, it’s happened only when the iPhone is locked. This case was not working after updating to xamarin.ios SDK 13 everything is working fine before the update? Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

Unable to handle the cancel VOIP push comes after rejecting the incoming call push

I have already developed a VOIP call app that uses pushkit for VOIP push notification. Our notification server is designed to deliver all cancel notifications along with new incoming call notifications through VOIP push (This behavior can’t be changed as of now). Since it has become mandatory to report all incoming push notifications to callkit […]

Websockets vs. iOS Push Notifications

Take an iOS app like Instagram. Instagram is fundementally a real-time application that updates its UI whenever a user interacts with you. For example, if someone likes your post and you are using the app, the UI is updated to trigger dopamine release and inform you that something has hapened to one of your posts. […]

Xamarin Forms iOS Remote Notifications Not Displaying

Remote Notifications are not displaying on the device. We are using iOS 11.2 and Twilio. We have generated the APN in Apple Developer Portal and exported the certificate and key into Twilio. Twilio says the message is "sent," but it never displays on the device. The goal is to send a message with a simple […]

Firebase push delivery stopping after every app updating (iOS)

I sending silent push notifications with payload into my Xamarin.iOS app. It’s works like a charm in foreground and background too (when app is closed or screen is locked). But when I updating my app (from testflight) push delivery stops. Firebase API gives no error – token is valid. Any suggestions and workarounds? Source: Xamarin.ios […]

Cannot find protocol declaration for ‘UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate’

I have a an iOS app using Firebase for notifications. Notifications are set up and working, and I now need to receive/handle the notifications to present view controllers accordingly. I use Objective C code to call my C++ code, and therefore I have a bridging header in my project. I have used this example from […]

Users Not Receiving Push Notifications Just From Me

I have a messaging app and I use Parse server as my backend. Push notifications work just fine between my users, however whenever I send a message from my user account, the recipient does not get a push notification (even though it looks like it was delivered to APNS just fine). If I log in […]

Xamarin Push Notification Problem About Certificates

I have searched and tried various resources on the internet for Xamarin IOS certificate transactions, but I cannot do anything. I log into the Apple developer account and create the certificates for the iOS application, but I cannot upload it to the device while compiling it in visual studio. I constantly get a certificate error. […]

By Onur n
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Xamarin iOS Notification Content Extension Unknown Application Error

I am trying to get a Notification Content Extension working in my Xamarin iOS app. I had a Notification Service Extension working fine that added an image. However I can not get the content extension to work. Everything is built fine. All settings match between the app and the extension. All settings are in info.plist. […]

By JackSojourn
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