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Apple Pay in Xamarin Forms [duplicate]

I want to add the ability to pay with Apple Pay to my application, there is no step-by-step instructions on the Microsoft website on how to do this, just an outdated example. Help, please, what actions should I take to add Apple Pay to the application? I have already completed the steps to obtain a […]

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How to accept Apple Pay with Stripe JS inside WKWebView?

I’m trying to load up a webpage which uses Stripe.js inside a WKWebView on iOS (using Xamarin.Forms). Everything works fine (can take card payments), except for Apple Pay: paymentRequest.canMakePayment() always returns null. The same webpage inside a SFSafariViewController works fine, so the issue seems to be related to restrictions inside WKWebView. However, according to […]

By Strillo
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Programmatically add a credit/bank card to a user’s apple wallet

I work for a bank and I am working on a project that programmatically add a user’s credit/bank card to their apple wallet. The card has been issued by our bank. Our app already has the entitlement I am able to populate the config and call PKAddPaymentPassViewController. The modal loads correctly and once the […]

By coder
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Apple Pay with WorldPay integration – extracting payload

On Xamarin Forms, I am trying to send an Apple Pay payload to WorldPay (payment gateway). It has a guide on what the request should look like, and here is a short snippet: <APPLEPAY-SSL> <header> <ephemeralPublicKey>AAAA…</ephemeralPublicKey> <publicKeyHash>AAAA…</publicKeyHash> <transactionId>AAAA…</transactionId> </header> <signature>AAAA…</signature> <version>EC_v1</version> <data>AAAA…</data> </APPLEPAY-SSL> I need to extract this mandatory data from the PKPayment object that […]

By Edgaras
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