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UITableViewCellContentView width is always zero according to the autoresizing mask (only on iOS 7)

I’m using the Auto Layout approach of dynamic cell height as described in Using Auto Layout in UITableView for dynamic cell layouts & variable row heights. This works so far. Now I’m presenting my UITableView in a UIPopoverController what also works. Now to the interesting part: I’m presenting this popover from different view controllers. On […]

UILabel clipping italic (oblique) text at left and right edges of content ( iOS 6+)

Problem: UILabel may clip italic (oblique) characters and even scripts at the left and right edges. The following screenshot displays the issue. At the left edge, the descender of the ‘j’ is clipped; at the right edge, the ascender of the ‘l’ is clipped. I realize this is subtle, and not everyone is going to […]

By bilobatum
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Auto layout constraints issue on iOS7 in UITableViewCell

I’m using auto layout constraints programmatically to layout my custom UITableView cells and I’m correctly defining the cell sizes in tableView:heightForRowAtIndexPath: It’s working just fine on iOS6 and it does look fine in iOS7 as well BUT when I run the app on iOS7, here’s the kind of message I see in the console: Break […]

Auto Layout "Add New Constraints" not interactive in Interface Builder

I am updating an application for iOS 7 and have decided to use Auto Layout. When I try to add constraints to any of the elements in the below screenshot : i.e. View Controller, Table View, View, Table View Section, Table View Cell, Content View, Label. I am unable do to so, as no item […]

By R omhaire
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