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BookmarkHow to use PHImageManager.DefaultManager.RequestAvAsset correctly? AvAsset is always null

asset is not null but avAsset always comes up as null. That’s why I can’t get video url. How can I fix this? PHImageManager.DefaultManager.RequestAvAsset(asset, vOptions, (avAsset, audioMix, vInfo) => { if (avAsset != null) { videoUrl = ((AVFoundation.AVUrlAsset)avAsset).Url.Path; } }); await Task.Delay(5000); Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By psyduck
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AVExportSession exporting video super slow

I am trying to simply increase the speed of my exporting of my merged video. Here is the code: //from my extensive research online and on SO, I have pretty much come down to the preset PassThrough makes it super fast, however as I wrote in a comment in the code, my merging code does […]

Process AVAsset to upload video to server [duplicate]

I have built up a list by getting files of type video from a custom album as shown below. No problems there. foreach(var asset in PHFetchResult) { manager.RequestAvAsset(asset, videoOptions, (video, optionParams, handler) => { fileName = asset.ValueForKey((NSString)"filename"); videos.Add(video); //List<AVAsset> (this is filtered by: asset.MediaType == PHAssetMediaType.Video) ) }); } What I need to understand is […]

By Ryn9011
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