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How to scan and connect to Bluetooth classic for iOS in Xamarin forms?

I’m trying to implement Bluetooth for my project. I was able to implement BLE but I have to go with Bluetooth classic because of some hardware issue. So for Bluetooth classic implementation I have gone through this post and I used source code from this post. But in that they are trying to connect to […]

By Judson Abraham
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Listen to a key/button press from a BT remote control/device connected to an iPhone (via bluetooth)

We have a requirement to develop an app that will be controlled by a remote control Bluetooth device. The device/remote is already working with Android, and now we need to find a way to get the buttons press events. This what I’ve found out so far: I’ve tried to connect with CoreBluetooth and only got […]

By Yonathan Goriachnick
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My Xamarin.ios BLE example "How to communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy devices on iOS" crashes

I get a crash when I run the example code for a Bluetooth Low Energy app for Xamarin.ios from blog "How to communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy devices on iOS" at: The zip for his example code is at: The only think I changed was to add his recommended NSBluetoothPeripheralUsageDescription fix to my […]

By Doug Null
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