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CarPlay parking app crashed when launching from Xcode 12 CarPlay simulator

We are extending our Xamarin.iOS app (by Xamarin.Forms) for CarPlay. When open the CarPlay simulator, the app is showing on the screen of CarPlay, but crashed when launching from CarPlay simulator. Below is the Info.plist Scene configuration: <key>UIApplicationSceneManifest</key> <dict> <key>UISceneConfigurations</key> <dict> <key>CPTemplateApplicationSceneSessionRoleApplication</key> <array> <dict> <key>UISceneClassName</key> <string>CPTemplateApplicationScene</string> <key>UISceneConfigurationName</key> <string>ParkingPlus-Car</string> <key>UISceneDelegateClassName</key> <string>ParkingPlus.AppSceneDelegateImp</string> </dict> </array> </dict> </dict> "ParkingPlus" […]

By Kevin Hu
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MPRemoteCommandCenter play/pause command not updating properly

I have set play/pause button enabled and also added target event to each but when ever I click button in simulator it always calls play button’s target event and button’s image not properly updating from play to pause and vice versa. Any one have idea regards this? Note: To play/pause audio I have used Plugin.MediaManager.Forms […]

By Divyesh 08
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How to make NowPlay screen in CarPlay Xamarin.iOS? and How to set nowPlayingIdentifiers property in MPPlayableContentManager?

I have created Audio App in Xamarin.Forms, for playing audio I have used MediaManager plugin. Now I want to make it compatible with CarPlay. CarPlay audio apps are controlled by the MPPlayableContentManager. You are required to implement the MPPlayableContentDelegate and MPPlayableContentDatasource protocol in order to connect with CarPlay. The UI is controlled by CarPlay – […]

By Divyesh 08
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How to send notification from iOS App to Apple Carplay

I want when my iOS App receives Notification, it’s will display on Carplay too. But Apple Document about this topic so simple, have no idea how to implement Anyone can help? Source: Ios Questions

By Jack Huynh
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