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CollectionView width is not correct in Xamarin forms iOS Portrait/Landscape mode

I have a Xamarin app and I am using a collection view for displaying items. The Width of items are correct for the first time then switch back to Landscape mode then switch back to portrait mode and the width of items list taking the previous landscape mode width. I am also receiving the exception […]

Xamarin forms CollectionView data in two columns does not align in lines on iOs

I have a problem on iOs. On android CollectionView items aligns perfect, but on iOS not. Screenshots: Android screenshot: iOs screenshot: My code: <CollectionView x:Name=”FlowersList” VerticalOptions=”EndAndExpand” BackgroundColor=”Transparent” > <CollectionView.ItemsLayout> <GridItemsLayout Orientation=”Vertical” x:Name=”grid_layout” Span=”2″ /> </CollectionView.ItemsLayout> <CollectionView.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate > <Grid> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition x:Name=”nuline_row” Height=”Auto”/> <RowDefinition x:Name=”pirma_row” Height=”Auto”/> <RowDefinition x:Name=”antra_row” Height=”*”/> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition x:Name=”nulinis_stulpelis”/> […]

Swift Collection view Horizontal and vertical scroll

i want to make this Collection view that can scroll horizontal and vertical….but i wanna make something like this from what i see theres like Collection view and some segmented controll on top of that Collection view…… i mean my only problem is how can i scroll horizontal from anywhere on screen? like i […]

Right Align all items in CollectionView in Xamarin Forms

I have been trying to right align all items in Xamarin forms CollectionView, unfortunately the code doesn’t work for IOS while it works well in Android. It seems strange. When I load 100 items, only the 1st ten items which appears on the screen are right aligned, but then the rest is not aligned. Additionally, […]

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