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Unexpected Combine Publisher Behavior

I’m building a mortgage calculator as an exercise to learn Combine. Everything has been going swimmingly until I encountered a situation where I’m not getting deterministic published output from one of my Publishers when I unit test it. I’m not making any asynchronous calls. This is the problematic AnyPublisher: public lazy var monthlyPayment: AnyPublisher<Double, Never> […]

By Adrian
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SwiftUI – Get User’s coordinates to pass in API call

This problem has been haunting me for months and I believe it comes down to my using the wrong structure and procedure. I’m trying to do an API call to Yelp’s API and passing in the variables for the user’s lat/long. I’m able to grab the lat/long based on my current LocationManager, however when it […]

How do you share a data model between a UIKit view controller and a SwiftUI view that it presents?

My data model property is declared in my table view controller, and the SwiftUI view is modally presented. I’d like the presented Form input to mutate the data model. The resources I’ve found on data flow are just between SwiftUI views, and the resources I’ve found on UIKit integration are on embedding UIKit in SwiftUI […]

By Austin Conlon
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