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iOS Safari Ignores Body Overflow: Hidden when Input Focused

It appears that on iOS 14.5 in Safari (haven’t tested in Chrome), overflow: hidden is ignored if the user is focused in an input field. Now, you can add a touch-action: none to the body element and that works in some situations, but it’s a hack (it doesn’t actually disable scrolling) and that attribute is […]

By Colin
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Safe area insets (e.g. safe-area-inset-bottom) ignore Safari ‘Aa’ zoom level?

We have the following code adding safe area height to a bottom toolbar so the iOS home bar doesn’t appear over the top of the bottom toolbar icons. /* Extra bottom padding for iPhoneX and iPad Pro Home bar */ @supports (padding: constant(safe-area-inset-bottom)) { .dvFooterContainer1 { –safe-area-inset-bottom: constant(safe-area-inset-bottom); height: calc(var(–safe-area-inset-bottom) + 56px); } } @supports […]

By user1946932
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iOS/iPad + Safari: Vertically and horizontally sticky positioned cells showing jerky effect

I have a table, not the HTML table, but the one made of React styled divs, in which the top 4 row cells are sticky positioned, also 2nd, 3rd and 4th row cells are replaced by their replacers when corresponding data set is accessed through vertical scrolling, as per shown in gif, thats the reason […]

By Sujit Singh
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Fixed persistent header and scroll to focussed input fields

QUESTION: Based on the given examples for homescreen web apps in iOS7 Safari, how can I achieve both a fixed persistent header that never scrolls out of view, and form input fields that scroll into view when tapped? The two examples have one difference, one has height=device-height in the viewport, the other doesn’t. Without device-height […]

Fixed background image with ios7

I have a project that I am using the fixed background image. It works great on everything except ios7. On the ipad the background image is zoomed in and blurry. Here is the CSS code I am using – .header { display: table; height: 100%; width: 100%; position: relative; color: #fff; background: url(../images/boston2.jpg) no-repeat center […]

By user2560895
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