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Can’t receive Firebase data messages in background Xamarin.iOS app

I have setup firebase cloud messaging in my Xamarin iOS app successfully. When I send messages via the firebase console, everything works fine. On my backend, I added Firebase admin SDK for dotnet, and tried sending "data" messages to my iOS app in this way: FIrst, using normal messages to topics: var iOSMsg = new […]

By Damien Doumer
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Firebase push delivery stopping after every app updating (iOS)

I sending silent push notifications with payload into my Xamarin.iOS app. It’s works like a charm in foreground and background too (when app is closed or screen is locked). But when I updating my app (from testflight) push delivery stops. Firebase API gives no error – token is valid. Any suggestions and workarounds? Source: Xamarin.ios […]

Firebase Cloud Messaging can’t receive message if updated from an existing App Store build

My app has FCM with message payload setup and work successfully using APNs Auth Key when running on Xcode debug mode and when downloading release build from TestFlight by testers. Both App Store ID and Team ID are set up correctly in Firebase project settings as well. However I found that if I install the […]

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